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Sculpt Axis EPI950Sculpt Axis EPI950
Sculpt Axis EPI950
Sculpt Axis EPI950 Multivision
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Sculpt Axis EPI950 Multivision
Sculpt Axis EPI950 Multivision
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Sculpt Multivision Axis EPI950 Three Sided Wood Fireplace

Spectacular from any angle

Spectacular from any angle, the French designed and made Axis EPI950 three sided wood fireplace will create an unsurpassed ambience with its unique characteristics of being either an open or slow combustion heater and its unconventional glass viewing area.

With it’s high quality three sided panaromic steel firebox and elegant glass doors, the luxurious Axis EPI950 three sided wood fireplace is sure to be a real show stopper in any designer space.


  • Use as an open fire or slow combustion heater
  • Three sided glass viewing area
  • Double air flow system
  • Phenomenal fire brick heat retention
  • Optional outdoor air kit
  • Handmade in the Rhone-Alpes Region of France
  • 10 year firebox & firebrick warranty
  • Swing and secure lift up glass door with locking mechanism

All prices include GST

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Based in the Rhône-Alpes region of France, Axis fireplaces specialise in the manufacturing of designer wood fireplaces and are ranked #1 in France for their of high quality steel, advance heating technology and contemporary fireplace designs. Over the last 15 years Axis fireplaces’ have been dedicated to designing and manufacturing luxury steel fireboxes using state of the art technology to laser cut all units which are then tightly mechanically welded to the frame. As a result of this craftsmanship, no warping of the firebox can ever occur.

DAFS (Double Air Flow System):
The Axis EPI950 inbuilt wood fireplace is equipped with DAFS technology with the aim to inject oxygen at a determined level inside of the combustion chamber. The supply of new oxygen will burn the gases and smoke that has not yet been burnt and prevent them from being released into the flue system. The advantages of this; a longer fire term, cleaner glass and bricks, also total combustion of the fire wood.

Refractory bricks:
All Axis fireboxes are made up of interlocking bricks that are manually assembled and have been baked at 1350°. This avoids dilatation problems and encourages uniform and permanent heat accrual. The patented refractory bricks also ensure the accumulation, transmission and continuous release of heat over a superior period of time even after the fire has dissipated. During a fire in an Axis fireplace, the bricks will be heated to a temperature approximately of 600°C. When the fire dies the bricks will take around 6-10 hours to cool down, which allows Axis units to have an even larger heating capacity than most fireplaces on the market today. It is because of this that Axis fireplaces are one of the only suppliers in Australia to have a 10 year firebrick warranty, proving the longevity of these flawlessly manufactured fireplaces.

All Axis fireplaces have Triple Action Heating; RADIANT (glass), ACCUMULATION (bricks) and CONVECTION (firebox). A perfect collision of practicality and well-made contemporary design, the Axis fireplace collection features the best in fireplace performance and innovative technology.


Axis EPI950  Approx. size 1010w x 563d mm
Heating capacity up to 150-200 m2