Get ready for Summer with new outdoor decking!


With the winter chill in the air, now is the perfect time to start planning your new timber decking so that it can be ready for the Australian summer!  Eventually, winter will draw close to an end and the weather will start to warm up.  The days will get longer and the family will want to spend more time outdoors.  Homes all over Perth will start firing up the much loved Australian barbeque.  The beginning of the warmer summer months signals the start of the entertaining season.  For those that love to host, new outdoor timber decking will create the perfect outdoor entertaining area!  So start planning your new outdoor timber decking now so that you can have it ready for summer!

Timber decking is a great addition to any Perth home.  A beautiful timber deck can transform a space into an inviting entertaining area!  Timber decks are so versatile as they can be attached to your Perth home or freestanding and customised to suit your space.  Timber decking is a great way to extend your living space outdoors so that you and your family can enjoy the beautiful Perth summers outside. 

If your Perth home has a swimming pool, timber decking will complete the area perfectly.  Lets be honest, pools and timber decking go hand in hand and are both well suited to Perth Summers.  A swimming pool and timber decking is the perfect way to stay cool and enjoy the Perth summer.  Add a gazebo or an umbrella and park yourself on a lounge chair while enjoying our beautiful Australian summer!

There’s no doubt about it, Perth Summers can get a little extreme at times.  Therefore, you need the most durable timber decking possible to withstand the summer sun.  Hardwood timber decking is practical, durable and looks amazing in any backyard!  One of the reasons that we love hardwood timber decking is that is very durable and requires very little maintenance.  Hardwood timber decking will also last for years and retain its beauty for much longer than other types of timber decking.  Hardwood timber decking is by far the absolute standout when it comes to considering what type of timber decking to choose for your Perth home.  

Speak to one of our friendly team members at Subiaco Restoration to find out more about getting a new hardwood timber deck ready for summer!  We offer a wide range of hardwood timber decking in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes.  At Subiaco Restoration, we have hardwood decking to suit every home and outdoor space. Contact us today at Subiaco Restoration.