Fireplaces a feel good feature


If ever there was a great home feature for people to gather round and be together, it’s a fireplace. Whether it be indoors or outdoors, a freestanding fireplace or an outdoor fire pit, fireplaces are a great way to cosy up, keep warm and enjoy time with others.

There are four types of fireplaces: wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, bio ethanol fireplaces and electric fireplaces. Overall, it’s easy to choose a fireplace but there are a few things to consider so you get the perfect one for your home and your lifestyle.

Wood fireplaces are the fireplaces of romance; open hearth in style, they create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You will need a flue to help ventilate and release the smoke that is produced when the logs are burned. Wood fireplaces do require a bit of clean-up and of course, you’re going to need to source the wood!

If all that hauling and chopping wood and cleaning sounds like something you’d rather avoid, a gas fireplace may be a better option for you. They are energy efficient and you’ll get continuous heat and a sleek, modern look.

Bioethanol fireplaces are also a modern solution to your heating needs. Eco-friendly and portable, this type of fireplace works similarly to a candle. It burns ethanol fuel so there’s no smoke and no smell. It’s easy to do too – fuel goes into the burner container and you light it with a long lighter.

Electric fireplaces cost a bit more to run but are safe and family friendly. There are no chemicals, fumes or smoke and no risk of fire or sparks igniting anything nearby.

Freestanding wood fireplaces are an efficient heating option as they are designed to function in an enclosed space. The pipe attached to the fireplace carries off the smoke and heats the room. Other types of freestanding fireplaces also offer a number of benefits, including being portable and enabling you to direct heat to where its needed.

So, let’s head outdoors. Alfresco fireplaces can completely change your backyard into a stylish entertainment area and provide light and warmth in the cooler months.

There’s an outdoor fire pit to suit almost every type of backyard, whether you have limited space or a huge expanse to play with. It can be located almost anywhere on your property as it’s basically a hole with raised walls. When it comes to outdoor fire pits, there are wood-burning or portable propane options.

Outdoor fireplaces, however, are permanent structures that feature a firebox and a chimney. It can be attached to the house, patio or deck or can stand alone.

Whichever outdoor option you choose, they are both a fantastic feature for parties, family gatherings or simply a quiet night under the stars. They’re also great for toasting marshmallows!

At Subiaco Restoration, our Osborne Park showroom offers over 100 indoor and outdoor fireplaces for you to look at – wood fireplaces, electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces, bioethanol fireplaces or alfresco fireplaces and outdoor fire pits.

We invite you to come and browse, chat to our friendly team and let us help you find the fireplace that will suit your home, your family and your lifestyle.