Consider your cladding choices


Whether you’re renovating a classic wooden weatherboard homestead or involved in the design of a new build, cladding, both internal and external, is an important construction consideration. At Subiaco Restoration we stock a range of timber cladding, hardwood cladding, weatherboard, interior timber cladding, and cladding panels to give your next project a long lasting design feature.

What is Cladding?

Cladding refers to the materials added to the exterior or interior of a building that create a ‘skin’. Cladding can extend the longevity of a building by providing protection from the elements, strength to the structure and better insulation. Cladding also enhances the appearance of the building and is an important design consideration.

Lining Boards

We stock a range of lining boards to give your home a unique mid-century modern design feature. Beautiful interior timber cladding or composite cladding applications include ceiling cladding, wall cladding, and outdoor alfresco areas, which can create a warm, inviting aesthetic. Our lining boards include:

  • LOSP H3 treated and primed pine lining boards
  • American oak lining boards
  • EziTrim 302 primed radiata pine
  • Western red cedar lining boards
  • Primed MDF lining boards
  • Baltic pine lining boards
  • Pre-finished eco lining boards
  • Tasmanian oak cladding
  • Shou Sugi Ban cladding
  • IronAsh cladding
  • Lunawood UTS cladding


If you’re lucky enough to be working with a heritage weatherboard property or considering recreating the look in your new build with timber weatherboard cladding, you have several options when it comes to types of weatherboard to choose from.

H3 LOSP treated design pine weatherboards come pre-primed so that you can have them installed and painted in your chosen colour straight away. These weatherboards also come in different designs and profiles so that you get the effect you’re looking for. You can choose from shiplap, rusticated and classic design profiles that will compliment your design style.

Other weatherboards to consider include H3 water based azole premium cladding and western red cedar cladding. Cedar timber cladding is made from a durable species that’s also lightweight, easy to work with, weather resistant and has a beautiful finished appearance.

Timber Cladding

External timber cladding has a range of applications to help you achieve your desired design effect. At Subiaco Restoration we stock hardwood timber cladding, timber wall cladding, and fire treated cladding to give your home both the look and feel you like and the protection it needs. We currently stock these types of external cladding:

Shou Sugi Ban cladding has been treated using the ancient Japanese craft of fire treatment with a precision milled, architectonic cladding profile. This timber cladding is a complete solution for any exterior wall, offering not just cladding, but a selection of customised trims to ensure a streamline execution and watertight result.

IronAsh manufacturers use innovative technology to treat this timber cladding with a combination of transparent, water based additives which soak deep into the core of GoodWood Victorian Ash. It can be easily cut, stained and painted on site, offering an affordable timber choice that is stable and readily available.

Fixtures and Finishing Touches

Subiaco Restoration also stock timber cladding insulation, as well as cladding fixtures, finishing beads, corner dressings and weatherboard stops.

For information or to find out how we can help you with your cladding project, come into our Osborne Park showroom and chat to one of our construction professionals.