Decking your outdoor area – where to start


Australians certainly are the lucky ones when it comes to weather for entertaining. We can be outside, enjoying the seasons, for most of the year. Which is why so many of use choose to invest in our outdoor areas.

One of the many ways you can turn your outdoor space into a beautiful entertaining area is with hardwood decking or composite decking.

As you start to make decisions about decking your outdoor area, there are a few aspects to consider:

  • How will you use the area? For eating? Cooking? As a relaxed outdoor living space?
  • How many people will use the area?
  • In which seasons will you utilise your deck?
  • Are there any safety issues such as children, elderly or others who need assistance?

Timber flooring options are many, all with a unique feel and practicality to suit your needs.

Some popular types of timber decking include:

Treated Pine Decking

is an excellent choice for hardwood decking as it is inexpensive, sustainable and plentiful. It is a softwood, however, so you must treat it to make it durable for outdoor purposes such as decking. Once its treated, it will be protected against termites and rot and last for many years to come.

Lunawood Decking

is an environmentally- friendly option that will keep its shape, no matter the weather. Surface treatment will help to retain the original colour and reduce cracking and splintering that are typical to wood materials over time.

Jarrah Decking

is a very dense and hard timber, noted for its deep red colours. Jarrah hardwood is naturally weather, rot, termite and marine borer resistant making it a highly durable timber for outdoor purposes.

Blackbutt Decking

ranges from a golden yellow to pale brown colouring, sometimes with a slightly pink undertone. It is a strong and durable hardwood.

Kapur Hardwood Decking

is highly durable and will stand the test of time is all kinds of weather, including rain and harsh sun. If you don’t treat kapur hardwood decking, it will turn a soft grey colour.

There are also sturdy and beautiful composite decking options, including:

Millboard Composite Decking

looks like natural timber but is 100% wood-free composite. It is low maintenance, slip resistant, has zero splinters and never needs to be oiled or sealed.

Composite Decking

is made from a blend of polypropylene and recycled hardwood. It’s non-toxic and outperforms other composite and PVC decking products. It’s resistant to stains, fading, mould, mildew, moisture and temperature.

Whichever decking material you choose for your outdoor area, you will also need decking stirrups which are essential to create a sturdy and long-lasting timber decking area. Timber beams, timber cladding and mouldings are also vital in the structure and finishing of your deck area.

We invite you to our showroom in Osborne Park where our experts can show you both hardwood decking and composite decking options, along with all other components that are required, to make your outdoor entertaining area exactly as you dreamed.